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Theory 4 Course

Theory 4 Course

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This class is a 12 week course; include 12 private lessons (45 min) in length that will lead students through the first stages of understanding music notation. This course is used across all instruments including piano, voice, violin, violin, flute, guitar, ukulele saxophone and more.

New concepts include:

-major and minor keys up to three sharps or flats
-transposition with change of clef
-minor intervals
-subdominant triads
-writing four-measure melodies

Students will have the opportunity to select their private lesson time to run weekly over a 12 week period. Select a day/time that work best within your schedule, and this class will run for the same time for 12 consecutive weeks. Let's make music!

All theory courses are delivered online via ZOOM. 

Classes available Monday to Saturday.