Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations

Royal Conservatory Certificate Program at OSMPA

Overview: At OSMPA, we are dedicated to preparing and guiding students through the Royal Conservatory Certificate program, catering to all ages and levels. The Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations is offered in both in-person and online formats.

Practical Examinations: These assessments comprehensively evaluate students' performances, encompassing repertoire, etudes or vocalises, technical tests, aural skills, sight reading/singing, and orchestral excerpts for strings, brass, and wind instruments.

Theory Examinations: Our theory examinations gauge students' understanding of music fundamentals, progressing from notation basics at the Elementary levels to structural and harmonic analysis at the Advanced levels.

Comprehensive System: The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program offers a thorough music study and assessment system from Elementary to Advanced Levels. Successfully completing the requirements for each level earns students a Certificate of Achievement from the Royal Conservatory.

Benefits of Examinations:

  • Provides an opportunity for students to track their progress
  • Encourages goal setting
  • Promotes well-rounded musical training

What to Expect at an Examination:

  • Objective assessment of the student's skill for that level
  • A friendly yet professional environment
  • Personalized feedback and marks
  • Results available online
  • Opportunity to Earn Secondary School Credits

Secondary School Credits: Completion of practical levels 7 and 8, along with theory requirements, qualifies students for secondary school credits, a recognition available in every province in Canada.

Preparing for Examinations:

  1. Discuss examination goals with your teacher and student.
  2. Set small, weekly goals to achieve larger objectives.
  3. Collaborate with your teacher to select the right repertoire.
  4. Include a student favorite from the popular list for variety.
  5. Plan a run-through exam.
  6. Focus on the music rather than the marks.

Integrated Curriculum: Our integrated curriculum ensures students study a diverse range of repertoire, from classical to contemporary, alongside etudes, musicianship skills, technique, and theory.

Embark on Your Musical Journey: We eagerly anticipate guiding you on your musical journey! Schedule an OSMPA interview to discover how we can make a positive difference in your student's musical development.