About Us

Celebrating 14 Years of Music Education in Oakville!

Welcome to the Oakville School of Music & Performing Arts, where we embark on a musical journey that lasts a lifetime.

Our mission is to guide students through a rich musical experience, providing them with a solid foundation in music and performance. This foundation equips them with the necessary tools for personal growth and achievement, empowering them to reach higher levels of musical development. 

At OSMPA, we foster a spirit of curiosity and inspiration in our students as they develop individually within a warm, musical, and nurturing environment. We believe in encouraging our students to take risks and express themselves fully, allowing them to evolve into confident, talented, and compassionate individuals, musicians, and performers.

Our diverse range of offerings includes piano, voice, violin, viola, flute, ukulele, and more! Join us on this exciting musical journey!

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