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Welcome to the Oakville School of Music and Performing Arts Admissions! This academic year 2019-2020 we are celebrating an important milestone - 10 years in Oakville! 

We welcome you to explore the variety of programming we have to offer from beginner to advanced levels in music, including both group and private classes. 

Explore our group classes in piano, voice, violin, guitar, and ukulele – where students are given the opportunity to gain confidence on their instrument as part of a team.

Private classes are offered on 10 instruments including piano, voice, violin, viola, flute, guitar, ukulele, oboe*NEW, clarinet*NEW, alto saxophone*NEW, trumpet, and trombone! Group classes are offered in piano, voice, and ukulele.

We are now booking classes for Fall 2019-2020 Academic Year. To begin your registration please click the link below. 

 Oakville School of Music & Performing Arts Fall Lesson Registration Form


If you have additional questions please contact us at