When can I register for classes?

OSMPA follows a full year school program (September to June) and registration for fall classes opens in April of each school year for September. New students can book an interview to learn more about classes and determine which programming would be best suited for them. Please contact info@osmpa.ca or use the contact us page to setup an interview time. 

I have missed fall registration, can I still enrol in programming? 

Students will have an opportunity to enrol in programming during the year depending on availability. Please begin by completing the OSMPA Registration form. 

Which instrument should my child start with?

If you are not sure which instrument to start with, please book a music interview to speak with a music specialist at our school. This can help to answer questions and help begin your musical journey in a positive way.

At what age should my child start in music lessons?
Most students begin from 4 years of age and up, however, we do accept students as young as 3 on an interview basis. It is not too late to begin your music journey if your child is 5 or 6. Children react to music naturally, and learning music is similar to learning a language at a young age. 

Can my child study courses towards certification with the Royal Conservatory of Music?

Yes, we do offer and encourage students to take part in the Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations and it serves as a strong part of our curriculum. Although it is not mandatory, setting a goal with the examination motivates students to achieve higher standards in their playing ability. There are a wide range of curriculum options, and your teacher can help to determine which path is best for each student. 

Do you have in-school concerts?

We have two exciting concerts during the academic year that showcase the work of our students. In a friendly and supportive environment, our students share their accomplishments with our school community. Performances are encouraged but are not mandatory.

Do you offer theory classes?

Yes, music theory is challenging but a very important aspect in studying music, therefore it is a strong portion of our programming. Essentially, music theory is the language of music, and its full understanding helps in learning new music with ease and ultimately to enhance performance. If your child is having difficulty reading music, consider separating the playing from the language, by enrolling in a music theory class. We also prepare students for theory examinations with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

We look forward to meeting you and leading you on your musical journey!