Preparatory A Piano Books

Students at OSMPA have the option to work towards the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations through private lessons. The OSMPA strongly encourages students to take part in these examinations for a comprehensive musical experience, developing skills in ear training and sightreading while exploring a wide range of music eras including Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Impressionism.

Students will also have the opportunity to supplement their studies with popular music, musical theatre, jazz, and more working together with their teacher. Below, please find the books required in preparation for Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations. 

Preparatory A Piano 

Preparatory A contains 3 books: Repertoire, Studies, and Technique 

Preparatory A Piano Books
Preparatory A Repertoire  *New 2022 series available please speak with your teacher*
Preparatory A Ear Training Link here
Preparatory A Technical Link here


The Piano Repertoire books provide a representative collection of pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and contemporary style periods. These volumes are the ultimate resource for examinations, recitals, festivals, competitions, auditions, and personal enjoyment.