OSMPA Virtual Concerts

Upcoming Final Deadline: End of Year Concert Saturday, June 18th 2022 

Congratulations on an incredible year of music! In celebration of our students' achievements, students can submit up to two concert pieces to take place virtually this year. Here are some tips on how to record: 

  • Set the stage for your performance at home. Ensure performance space is tidy and well-lit. 
  • Introduce yourself at the start of your recording: Hi my name is [please state your full name clearly] and I will be performing [state your pieces clearly].
  • You can record on your smartphone (e.g. iPhone, Samsung etc.) or tablets using the default settings which is normally at 1080p (1920 x 1080) HD at 30fps. 
  • Please record in landscape mode. Place the device on a tripod so it will not shake during the recording. 
  • It is ideal if your device is at about the eye level with you
  • Please try to frame yourself within the video image with not too much space above your head.
  • Being close to the camera is generally better so that we can see and hear you well.
  • Please make sure you have good lightning when recording. Ideally, the light source should be behind the camera that is recording.
  • Please make sure that you don’t have strong light coming from behind you.
  • Please ensure that the background is quiet for your recording, with no noise or disruptions. 
  • We encourage you to dress for a recital! We are celebrating your achievements, and we cannot wait to hear you perform. Solid, bright-coloured clothing works best in video recording. Please avoid wearing clothing with large logos/sayings.
  • After you finish playing, you are welcome to take a bow. 
  • Please send your final recording to info@osmpa.ca

We cannot wait to see your performances. Congratulations on your remarkable achievements this year!