February Music Quest

February 1st to February 28th Music Quest Challenge

Practicing is one of the most important aspects of succeeding in your musical studies. Think of a time you wanted to master a technique aside from music - such as soccer, hockey, ballet, or art. What has helped you become better at your skills and to reach your goals?

Practicing is not easy, and it requires a lot of patience. It takes time to form a habit to make practicing a part of your daily routine. Think of adding practicing to your day the same way you brush your teeth or eat your lunch, it becomes a normal part of your routine and day.

After learning the fundamentals of the technique with your teacher, practicing that technique at home is so important to progress on your instrument. 

Take this musical quiz to find out more about the best ways to practice your musical instrument:  

Complete the February Challenge: 

To complete the practice challenge, download the February practice challenge chart, and mark down your daily practice. Complete 20 days of practice during February to be entered to win fun prizes! Practice days must include 30 minutes or more of practice. Days with only 15 minutes of practice will not count towards the challenge. Once you have complete the challenge on February 28th, please send your email chart to info@osmpa.ca
Students from the same family, please place your name at the top of your practice chart. 

Happy Practicing!