May Music Quest

May 1st to May 31st 2022 Music Quest Challenge

The May practice quest is bringing dedication to the next level! Whether you're a vocal student, flautist, guitarist, violinist, or pianist - all musicians must practice each day to become stronger and more proficient on their instrument. This includes pieces, technique, chords, arpeggios and more! 

The challenge: Practice for 20 days in a row, for a very minimum of 25 minutes for each practice session.

To complete the May practice challenge, download the May Practice Chart and mark down your daily practice. Complete 20 days of practice in a row (it could be on pieces, technique or ear training) during May to be entered to win fun prizes! Practice days must include 25 minutes or more of practice specifically on technique!
Once you have complete the challenge on May 31st, please send your email chart to
Students from the same family, please place your name at the top of your practice chart. 

Music Quests FAQ

Do I need to be a student at OSMPA to take part in the quest? 

Yes. Quests are currently open to OSMPA students only.

Does it cost extra to join the quest?

The quests are completely free to OSMPA students. Come join the fun!

Can I submit my challenge late?

Unfortunately, challenges complete after the last day of each month will not be considered. 

How will I know if I won a prize?

A participation certificate will be awarded to everyone within a week after the quest ends. Students who have complete the quest will be entered to win physical prizes that will be sent via snail mail! Winners will be selected at random and will be notified via email approximately 7 days after the quest has ended. If you have not received an email from us after 7 days, you did not win this time, but keep trying and practicing each month for your change to win!

Happy Practicing!