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Theory 7 - Tuesday Session

Oakville School of Music

Theory 7 - Tuesday Session

Students will prepare for the level 7 theory examination with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Start Date: Tuesday, September 3rd 2019 

End Date: Tuesday, May 5th 2020 

Time: 7pm-8pm (1 hour class)

Sessions: 33

Each week students will take part in a lecture and activity based theory class. Students are expected to complete their assignments on a weekly basis to keep up with class concepts. Students will prepare for the grade 6 theory examination with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Level 7: New Concepts

  • transposition to any key, up or down
  • inversion of intervals
  • chromatic, whole-tone, octatonic, pentatonic, blues scales
  • diminished, augmented triads; diminished 7th chord
  • melody writing in minor keys
  • introduction to Romantic and Modern eras

      Materials are not included in the course fee. Students will be required to purchase the grade 7 theory book and practice exams to complete this course. 

      Examination date: Saturday, May 9th 2020 from 9:30am-11:30am (2 hours)

      Alternate examination date (if there is a conflict): Friday, May 8th from 9:30am to 11:30am (2 hours)