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Oakville School of Music

OSMPA Original Practice Planner

OSMPA Original Practice Planner

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Download the PDF Version of the OSMPA Practice Planner, and place into a binder to keep track of weekly practice. 

Keep it by your instrument, and record your practicing often! 

The Music Practice Planner is the best way for musicians of all ages stay on top of their music goals and weekly practice schedule. Our practice planners are designed so teachers and students can reflect on the students' progress each month - discussing goals, improvements in practicing daily and upcoming performances.

Organization is key - staying on top of goals means reviewing them frequently.

The planner includes monthly reflections to give students and teachers the opportunity to discuss goals and progress throughout the month. There are also monthly stop points that give students additional questions to answer about composers and musical symbols to motivate students to look beyond their own assigned music for practice.

Big things have small beginnings:)

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