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Music Enrichment Program - Primary Music Level (Ages 4 to 6) Fall 2020

Music Enrichment Program - Primary Music Level (Ages 4 to 6) Fall 2020

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The OSMPA enrichment program is available for both new and returning students. This comprehensive music program is designed to motivate and inspire young musicians through private and group instruction; giving students confidence and curiosity in music. Students will take part in a weekly private lesson, and a weekly 60 min group theory class giving them the opportunity to grow with other musicians. Assignments will need to be complete throughout the term. Students will also be invited to special master classes & workshops designed to engage and inspire young musicians. 

Age group: Ages 4 to 18 

First week of classes: Tuesday, September 8th to Saturday, September 12 2020

Last week of classes: Monday, June 14th to Saturday, June 19th 2021

Total number of weeks: 39

Instruments: Piano, Voice, Violin, Flute, Guitar, Ukulele, Clarinet, Oboe

Days available: Monday to Saturday

*Private lesson class time to be arranged with OSMPA. Classes run on a weekly basis.

Program Features:

✔️39 weeks of private lessons

✔️45 min private lessons on your instrument 

✔️60 min of group theory

✔️Special master classes

✔️Enrichment workshops

✔️Parent workshops

Please note that books are materials are not included in the program fee and will be recommended to your student after registration.