Celebrate Theory Harmony & Counterpoint Level 10

Oakville School of Music

Celebrate Theory Harmony & Counterpoint Level 10

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Intermediate concepts including:
• leading-tone diminished 7th chord
• dominant 9th and 13th chords
• sequences • melody writing (16-measure binary form)
• sonata form, rondo form, and fugal exposition

Engaging interactive approach features:
• step-by-step guidance to mastery of the harmonic language
• harmonic vocabulary introduced through illustrations from the repertoire
• exploration of concepts through accessible and familiar examples in keyboard style that  students can hear and play
• wide variety of exercises in each unit

Student success supported with:
• direct alignment with examination requirements
• insights into examiner expectations
• clear explanations of new concepts
• concise summaries at the end of each unit
• tips and tactics to maximize each student’s potential