OSMPA Performance Class

OSMPA Performance Class

Sessions: 1 hour in length, Limited Space - 6 students Maximum Per Class
The Performance Class is a great space for students to become comfortable with performing in front of others and feel confident in their musical abilities. Aside from performing their own piece during the class, students will also learn about presentation skills and ways to control performance butterflies through various theatre and musical activities. Most importantly, students can enjoy the challenges of learning together, under the guidance of an experienced teacher.
For this class students must bring their recital piece or examination music as they will be expected to perform in a master class setting. All instrumentalists are welcome (Ex. Voice, piano, violin, flute, guitar).  

The OSMPA Performance class will be directed by Melissa Stolarz. Melissa Stolarz is music graduate from Western Universities' Don Wright Faculty of Music where she studied as a vocal soprano as well as piano. Melissa is also enjoys playing violin and flute aside from her core instruments. She looks forward to seeing you there! Happy practising! Below Melissa is accompanied by tenor Torin Chiles and accompanist Chibotar. 

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