Congratulations to our Award Recipients!

Congratulations the following students for being recipients of the Academic Achievement Award 

Sienna, Studio of Camilla M
Damla, Studio of Jaimie G
Kate, Studio of Amanda O
Rylie, Studio of Melissa S
Sarah, Studio of Monika S
Autreen, Studio of Leslie A
Vincent, Studio of Mark L
Facundo, Studio of Jessica L
Hala, Studio of Krista E
These certificates are awarded to students who have shown academic excellence, continuous dedication and consistent practice in studying music. 
Damla Dogan from Miss Jamie’s studio.

What instrument do you play?

How long have you been playing for?
“3 months”

What is your favourite practice tip?
“Practice slowly and follow what your teacher says.”

What’s your favourite song?
“Favourite violin song to play is Twinkle.”

What are your musical goals this year?
“To try my best at violin.”
Sienna from Ms. Camilla's Studio
Sienna, from Ms. Camilla’s studio: Ms. Camilla chose Sienna because she, works extremely hard and is ready to learn every time she comes to class.

Sienna broke her arm earlier in the fall, and that didn’t stop her one bit. She made the initiative of learning both right hand and left hand using only the hand that was mobile, and once her hand healed within 2 weeks before the recital she started using her left hand again and nailed the performance!

Congratulations Sienna!
Kate Puhlmann from Ms. Amanda’s studio.
Congratulations Kate!

What instrument do you play?

How long have you been playing for?
“4 years...I think!”

What is your practice tip?
“Read the music carefully. Try to follow along to the recordings”

What is your favourite song?
“Menuetto in C Major, by Mozart”
Rylie Overend from Miss. Melissa’s Studio is a student of the month, achievement award recipient!

Rylie comes to her lessons prepared and ready to try new challenging songs every week. She always has her Theory Monster workbook pages complete and has shown persistent and dedicated weekly practice.

Rylie has been learning both songs from her repertoire book and new pieces from a performance book. This month Rylie started using the pedal and couldn’t wait to try the songs at home. Great work Rylie! 
Sarah O from Miss. Monika's Studio.
Sarah was selected for her hard work, determination and enthusiasm in music!

Sarah set a goal at the beginning of the school year to complete her grade 1 piano exam with the Royal Conservatory of Music by January! With only a few months to complete her goal - she came to her lessons prepared and ready to learn - and at home she kept track of her daily practice.

Sarah's practice routine is "practicing the music I need help on the most - and then moving on to music I know."

Sarah also works on Theory Monster, completing at least 4 pages per week.

Sarah's favourite piece this term has been "Teapot Invention." Sarah loves this piece because it shows that with determination she can accomplish her goals: "In the beginning the piece was hard - but I kept practicing. In the end I got it!"

Sarah's practice tip is, "Practice every day - Practice makes perfect!"

Well done, Sarah!! 
Autreen, from Miss Leslie’s studio was selected for her enthusiasm in learning new pieces and her excellent practicing efforts.

What instrument do you play?
“I play violin and piano”

How long have you been playing for?
“1 Year on the violin and 2 years on the piano”

What is your favourite practice tip?
“On the violin, make sure bow isn’t skating on the strings (stays straight) and on the piano make sure your hands are in the correct hand position”

What’s your favourite song?
“On the piano, I like “Far Away” and on the violin “minuet no. 1”

What are your musical goals this year?
“My goal on the violin is to finish Suzuki Book 1 and my goal on piano is to reach the end of the piano books (all of the RCM piano books)”

What do you like best about playing music?
“I like the nice sounds” 
Vincent S. from Mark Laszutko's Studio
Congratulations Vincent! 

What instrument do you play?

How long have you been playing?
“I've been playing and taking guitar lessons for six years”

What is your practice tip?
“Make sure to find time every day to practice your instrument”

What skill do you want to improve?
“Learn to fingerpick better and find notes across the guitar in various positions quicker.” 
Facundo Coco from Miss. Jessica's Studio
Congratulations Facundo Coco from Miss Jessica’s studio.

What instrument do you play?

How long have you been playing for? “4 years”

What is your favourite practice tip? “Repeat challenging sections more often than the stuff you know.”

What’s your favourite song?
“The Pink Panther”

What are your musical goals this year?
“To play triads with fluency.”
Hala from Miss. Krista's Studio
Congratulations Hala! What instruments do you play?
“Voice, guitar and clarinet”

How long have you been singing?
“I have been singing and passionate about singing since I was very young. I only started to take lessons this year.”

What is your practice tip?
“My practice tip is to always warm up before you sing, it always make a big difference. It’s important to perform on stage to get used to performing in front of people and makes you less nervous.”

What is your favourite song?
“My favourite song is “I’m Not The Only One” by Sam Smith”

What are your musical goals?
“My musical goals are to continue improving my vocal strengths and techniques.” 
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