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Big Welcome to Aining Wu!

OSMPA would love to welcome Grade 11 Student from SMLS, Aining Wu, to our musical team over the next few weeks! We look forward to her time at our school and the great pathways she will help us make to continue to bring the highest quality education to our community and young learners. Welcome Aining!
Aining Wu is a Grade 11 student at St.Mildreds-Lightbourn School. Although she has yet to declare a pathway in university, she’s considering veterinary science. Aining had participated in various extracurricular activities, and volunteer work during the time of school. She primarily focused on working on serving others and activities related to music. From those experiences, she learned the value of communication, efficiency, and flexibility. While Aining focused heavily on academics in school, especially in the science field, she also pursues interests in the art field. She has started doing visual art and playing the piano at a young age. She continues her passion throughout high school, as well. Aining is an active member of the school band, and she had performed in the school musical production pit orchestra twice in her school year. Not only music and science, but she also participates in different school committees focusing on cultural diversity and mental health. 

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