Summer Lessons

Private Lessons

Private summer classes are available throughout July and August.

Summer classes begin the week of July 3rd 2017

Summer classes end the week of August 21st 2017

Total number of classes in the summer term: 8

To book a summer lesson time please complete the following form and a school representative will be in touch with you shortly. Reserve your summer classes. 

Summer Ukulele Classes 

Wednesday’s 4:00pm-5:00pm

Ages 6+

The ukulele is an extremely versatile and portable instrument that provides students with excellent ear training and rhythm skills. Group ukulele classes allow students to build a community within the school and work on pieces as a team and work towards a group performance. The ukulele builds musicianship and confidence in ear training, singing, and chord-based playing.

Reserve your spot in the summer ukulele class today, summer ukulele class. 

Drop-in theory classes 

Drop-in classes are available for all levels of Theory Monster & RCM Music theory levels 1 through to 8. Drop in classes are available for elementary, intermediate, and advanced theory up to level 8 RCM.

Drop in theory classes summer pass. 

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