About Us

About Us

About Us

Our school is celebrating it's 8th year in Oakville! Thank you to our students and families!

At the Oakville School of Music & Performing Arts, we lead students musically for a journey of a lifetime.

A strong foundation in music and performance provides students with the tools they need to advance to higher levels of music for personal growth and achievement.

We want our students to be curious and inspired in music as they grow individually in a friendly, musical and caring environment.


Our students are encouraged to take chances and express themselves to their full potential so that they can become confident—talented— and compassionate- individuals, musicians, and performers.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.







01. Experience

Our teachers have worked with a wide range of students from beginner to advanced levels, including university level preparation.

02. Professionality

Our professional teachers ensure that students are given the resources they need to reach their full potential in music.

03. Performance

Our students learn when they are on stage and performing. OSMPA offers semi-annual concerts giving our students the opportunity to perform and build confidence in their skills.

04. Quality

Communication is a strong aspect of our program and we make our best efforts to ensure that students, parents, and teachers maintain an open line of communication.